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nice game

This game has a lot of nostalgic impacts on children living in lively neighbourhoods and their minigames, which breathe so much culture. The overall gameplay has differential difficulties, which I personally enjoyed.

The scenery and design have clearly been brainstormed or taken care of, and the game's overall aesthetic can be described as "fresh, detailed and a beaut". The interactions of the given characters have given unique chemistry and capture the essence of being a child in which they humour and tease each other.

The only thing that I can add is the lack of Options to adjust the volume, Character Profile might be a handy addition to the game. Lastly, a Gallery containing assets to early sketches would be nice. Overall a 9.4/10☆. Would recommend it to a friend. :>

only available on Windows? 🥺 Hope this gets ported to be available on Mac too!

i found a lot of bugs, because i tried to bug hunt your game. Don't worry, I played through the whole walkthrough, but since i keep restarting because i bug hunt  and totaly found 6 bugs and one graphic interface.

The vibe it has is just awesome! I could seriously see this as the setting of a really good cartoon. Great job 👍

just finished the game, it was soooooo awesome!!! I really loved the design and graphics, since I'm fond of any pixel art/game but the short storyline and animations were so good! Especially how Briggy cried when Danny went to say goodbye, really melts my heart. Thank you for this wonderful game and hope to play more in the future ^ ^ 

That was so good!!! I liked how you said goodbye to your friends, sad but not lonely! I especially liked the quality of the pixel art and the description of the ending episode. If I had a wish, I would have liked to see a group photo of the pixel art after the ending credits!

pretty good game, I loved the artstyle and the gameplay is good. Good work!

Very cute. Very fun. I only wish there was more! 

Gonna give it a try. More power to you all. Also saw this in Facebook just now.

Sorry for the delay on review. Game is hard but kinda short. I finished it in like 30 minutes. Still good game.


I saw in a facebook post that this was for your Senior Project and it's AMAZING! Great Job!!!

Hi, goodmorning sir , I was wondering if i could get your approval to stream your game the One Last Game,  I am an aspiring small streamer, thank you and have a nice day!

hi, sure :)

This game was really short but what it lacks in length it makes up in quality. Anyway, good job on this game and hope to see more games from you guys or atleast a full version of this game! Anyway, here's my experience with the game and once again good job on this

great jobs

This was such a fun and emotional game. I walked away feeling both sad and happy at the same time. Keep up the great work! 

Very good nostalgic game


Was this for a school project or was this more of a passion project?

I would have liked a little bit more polish here and there (More fleshed out dialog vs. the narrative style, maybe the ability of going through some neighborhood doors, easter eggs, a few more interesting npc dialog, secret stuff to do, etc. ) but I do feel that this was done under some time constraints so this is understandable. 

Overall, I really liked the artstyle and the whole ambience and feel of the game and the concept of the story.

school project

Galing, hoping for the next station of Danny . Sana magkaroon din ng android version nito.

Possible kayang magkaroon ng pangMac? 😁

One of a kind! The graphics were very nostalgic – they remind me of my childhood games.


Really cool game

How to install? What icon to click?

hi, are you using windows? if yes po, you can extract the folder then click the exe file icon :)

watch me with commentary 

Very good! Cute, relaxing, and heartwarming. Loved the art style. Great work!

Finished it in 30 minutes but it will stay with me forever! Great game and great art style love it!

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Watch my walkthrough on Youtube!

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This pixelart graphics style is awesome!